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These are my final words to anyone who has been severely or repeatedly bullied in their lives. Can we talk honestly about what life is and can be for those who were bullied?
There are a few women I owe a deep, sincere, overdue, from the heart apology to. This is my final message to you.

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To The Burnt Out and To Those Running on Fumes ā€“ My Final Unapologetic Message

This post was much more emotional to write than I thought it would be, but I felt like I needed to give a final message to those who are burnt out and to those who are running on fumes.

To The Lonely ā€“ My Final Unapologetic Message

This is my final message to those who are lonely and who have known loneliness the way I have. I honestly believe loneliness is one of the most complex human dynamics that exists.

To Those Addicted to Their Bathroom Scales ā€“ My Final Unapologetic Message

This is my extremely unapologetic final message to all those who are still in some weird, abusive relationship with their bathroom scales...

To Those Who Are Anti-Anything ā€“ My Final Unapologetic Message

These are my final words to all the well-intentioned people who are anti-something anti-anything. I have a few questions for you today, and I hope we can discuss it honestly.
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To Those Who Feel Trapped In Marriage ā€“ My Final Unapologetic Message

These are my final words to those who feel trapped in marriage (or any relationship). I'm sure there will be some pitchforks at my gate after this one, but it's a message I feel needs to be shared.

To All The “Nice Guys” ā€“ My Final Unapologetic Message

These are my final words to all the "nice guys" of the relationship world. Knowing me, these words probably aren't what you think they would be...

To Those Who Think Sexual Orientation Is a Choice ā€“ My Final Unapologetic Message

These are my final words to anyone who thinks sexual orientation is a choice. I understand the topic is touchy for some, but today I hope I can give a perspective I have needed to give for a long time...

To Those Who Struggle with Relationship Jealousy ā€“ My Final Unapologetic Message

This is my final message to my all too human friends that struggle with unhealthy jealousy in their relationships. Let's be real about what jealousy is and what it isn't...

When I think back to my sexual education class…

“When I think back to my sexual education class, I don’t seem to recall them teaching us how to deal with things like Charlie horses and the accidental bonking of heads.” ~Original Meme by Dan Pearce

My Problem? My Missing Sock

“Some people are solving major world problems, and I’m over here all excited because I found my missing sock inside a pair of my underwear.” ~Dan Pearce

Elementary School: Things Were Simpler

“Let’s have an annual “Back to Grade School Day,” where we all . . . Meet up to play tag, don’t worry about money, don’t worry about love, and where making new friends is usually as easy as the words, “Hey, can I play four-square with you guys?”” ~Dan Pearce

So-Called Adult

“Now that I’m a so-called adult who is only getting more adulty, I’m realizing that there really is no age at which people actually figure out life.” ~Dan Pearce

Love of My Life? Pizza

“The love of my life is out there somewhere. Until then, come here you sexy pizza, you. You’ll do.” ~Dan Pearce

I saw a real live unicorn today…

“I saw a real live unicorn today. Prove that I didn’t. PROVE IT! Yeah. Didn’t think you could.” ~Original Meme by Dan Pearce

Live Reading of “My House… My Rules…”

This was the live reading of my blog post "My House... My Rules... Iā€™m going to do whatever I want." It's the first rant-type post I've done as a live reading, so I had a little fun with it.

Time Lapse of My Abstract Art Body Painting

I finally got the time lapse video put together of my most recent body painting...

“The Phantom Odor” Live Reading

Today we continue with the live readings as I read my latest blog post to you, "The Phantom Odor."

Live Reading of “Shrinker Overthinker”

In this live video, I do a live reading of "Shrinker Overthinker" so that you can hear how it was written in my own voice.

Why I Body Paint

Today I did a body painting, and it reminded me how healing and powerful this art form can be. After it was over, I did a live video to talk about body painting and explain why I do it, and what it means to me.

An amazing card trick just for you.

I was in a silly mood, late on a Sunday night, and decided to experiment with some silliness on a live video just so that I could cut my teeth and get my feet wet.

''Dear Dan'' - You Ask, I Answer

How to get shy friends out of their shells

Dear Dan: What’s the best way to get my shy friends to join in...

These are my personal tips and tricks for getting my shy friends to come out of their shells and enjoy the awesomeness of life with the rest of us.

Dear Dan: What Do You Feel Like You Discovered Before the Rest of the...

There are definitely a few things I think I discovered before the rest of the world jumped onboard with them. And my feelings are a bit mixed as to how happy I am about them.

Dear Dan: What Happened to the Daily Meme Collections? I miss them!

Lots of my followers have been asking the question "what happened to the daily meme collections?" Don't worry. They're still there if you know where to find them.

Dear Dan, Who Do You Admire Most in the Entire World Right Now?

When I sat down to write out my answer to this, I had no idea who I would write about. I was kind of surprised but not surprised at all by my answers.

Dear Dan: Do You Believe in an Afterlife?

Do I believe in an afterlife? This is certainly a loaded question, and I'll give the person who gave it mad props for making me squirm. These are my thoughts on the afterlife...

Dear Dan: What’s the Dumbest Thing You’ve Done Lately?

My reader Angie felt like none of the decisions she was making lately were the right ones, and to help her feel better asked what the dumbest things I've done lately have been...

Dear Dan: Do You Have Any Tricks When Your Kid Asks for Something?

Today I was asked my parenting trick for answering the endless questions and requests from my kid. This is my (personally) foolproof way that I have always had fun with it...

Dear Dan: Is it more difficult for you to make *real* friends when you...

I actually get asked this a lot. Is it harder to make real friends when you're popular or a celebrity? I've had many years to contemplate this question, and I think the answer is a bit more complex than yes or no.

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