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Would you give your kid a pass to get out of trouble, at a time *they* choose? That thought really scares some parents, but let me tell you why it might be one of the best things you'll do for your child...
Dan Pearce
I made this because... as parents, we often forget that the human experience we all go through isn't always the easiest thing for our kids to navigate any more than it is for us.

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Why, Exactly, Do You Think I Would Want to Hug You After That?

There have been a few humans in my life who do the strangest, messed-up thing. Well, I think it's messed-up anyway...

The Woman Who Definitely Worked Me Good

She was the woman who I'm pretty sure was supposed to be the love of my life. I *had* to go say hi. I *had* to meet her, which I did. And then she worked me, and she worked me hard.

Alright, I Went and Had My Pity Party

Alright, friends. I went and had my pity party. It was a great success, but all good things must come to an end. But just look at all the fun we had while the party was going strong...

Sharing My Journey Is Not An Invitation to Diagnose Me

I really can't believe some of the things that have been said to me in the first few days that I've shared my mental health journey. No wonder there is still such a stigma...
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Once Upon a Recent Time, I Was Actually a Romantic

I was always such a hopeless romantic. Take, for example, some of these things I did in the name of love. Lately, though, I can't find the motivation to do it, and I can't quite figure out how to get it back.

The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Parenting Tool

I have tools for everything in parenting, it seems. And when they all seem to fail, and I can't figure out why, there is one tool that still works every single time.

The Day I Burst Into Ugly Tears

The day I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder I learned that not only was there a serious stigma surrounding the mental illness, but I believed that stigma as much as anyone else...

More Than Ups & Downs: My Bipolar Disorder Reality

How does one with bipolar disorder explain what it actually is to those whose brains don’t perform even close to the same way that their brain does? I have no idea, but I’m going to try.

Going To The Store

“I’m actually quite impressed with how often I go to the store to get one specific thing, and then come back with everything except for that item.” ~Dan Pearce

People Only Like Me Because

“Sometimes I think people only like me because I am so ridiculously awesome.” ~Dan Pearce

Learn To Laugh

“Life doesn’t ever get less ridiculous, so you might as well learn to laugh at the whole of it.” ~Dan Pearce

Make Your Day Positive

“I shall now say something to make your day more positive. . . Proton.” ~Dan Pearce

Parenting. Sometimes it take a bulldozer…

“Parenting: Sometimes it takes a gentle touch. Sometimes it takes a friggin’ bulldozer.” ~Original Meme by Dan Pearce

Kids Hate Naps

“Kids hate naps. Kids are stupid.” ~Dan Pearce

Live Reading of “My House… My Rules…”

This was the live reading of my blog post "My House... My Rules... I’m going to do whatever I want." It's the first rant-type post I've done as a live reading, so I had a little fun with it.

Time Lapse of My Abstract Art Body Painting

I finally got the time lapse video put together of my most recent body painting...

“The Phantom Odor” Live Reading

Today we continue with the live readings as I read my latest blog post to you, "The Phantom Odor."

Live Reading of “Shrinker Overthinker”

In this live video, I do a live reading of "Shrinker Overthinker" so that you can hear how it was written in my own voice.

Why I Body Paint

Today I did a body painting, and it reminded me how healing and powerful this art form can be. After it was over, I did a live video to talk about body painting and explain why I do it, and what it means to me.

An amazing card trick just for you.

I was in a silly mood, late on a Sunday night, and decided to experiment with some silliness on a live video just so that I could cut my teeth and get my feet wet.

''Dear Dan'' - You Ask, I Answer

How to get shy friends out of their shells

Dear Dan: What’s the best way to get my shy friends to join in...

These are my personal tips and tricks for getting my shy friends to come out of their shells and enjoy the awesomeness of life with the rest of us.

Dear Dan: What Do You Feel Like You Discovered Before the Rest of the...

There are definitely a few things I think I discovered before the rest of the world jumped onboard with them. And my feelings are a bit mixed as to how happy I am about them.

Dear Dan: What Happened to the Daily Meme Collections? I miss them!

Lots of my followers have been asking the question "what happened to the daily meme collections?" Don't worry. They're still there if you know where to find them.

Dear Dan, Who Do You Admire Most in the Entire World Right Now?

When I sat down to write out my answer to this, I had no idea who I would write about. I was kind of surprised but not surprised at all by my answers.

Dear Dan: Do You Believe in an Afterlife?

Do I believe in an afterlife? This is certainly a loaded question, and I'll give the person who gave it mad props for making me squirm. These are my thoughts on the afterlife...

Dear Dan: What’s the Dumbest Thing You’ve Done Lately?

My reader Angie felt like none of the decisions she was making lately were the right ones, and to help her feel better asked what the dumbest things I've done lately have been...

Dear Dan: Do You Have Any Tricks When Your Kid Asks for Something?

Today I was asked my parenting trick for answering the endless questions and requests from my kid. This is my (personally) foolproof way that I have always had fun with it...

Dear Dan: Is it more difficult for you to make *real* friends when you...

I actually get asked this a lot. Is it harder to make real friends when you're popular or a celebrity? I've had many years to contemplate this question, and I think the answer is a bit more complex than yes or no.

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