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Dan Pearce is an American author, blogger, artist, photographer, and designer. Over the years he has acquired a following of millions. He is most well known for his blog and social presence "Single Dad Laughing" as well as his most recent memoir, "The All Important, Well-Fed, Giant White Man." You can find his creations and works of art at The Danoah Shop.

Holiday Parties Are Upon Us And It’s Time I Share My Biggest Pet Peeve

This is just a semi-friendly, pre-holiday party/hang-out PSA. There's this thing we humans do to each other for some reason, and we do it to each other a lot.

The Great Laundry Fiasco

Laundry as a bachelor is a little different than laundry as a married fellow. Mostly due to the long periods of blissful nudity involved...

Who Would Have Known What Would Bring My Mind Back

It's amazing how fast things can start moving when you start eliminating the unhealthy parts of life and doing everything right.

This Was the Crutch I Was Living With

It was only a few weeks ago that my mind and life seemed to be in utter chaos mode The biggest reason for it was the mental and emotional crutch I had been leaning on for so long...

Hey, That’s MY Beanie!

The beanie is back, and you know what that means. You may have noticed that I'm pretty much *always* wearing a beanie lately. Well, there's actually a very good reason for that...

My Signature Chair – Quite Possibly One of My Best Ideas Ever

A few years ago, I purchased a small leather chair with one purpose only. I wanted the people in my life that I care about to leave their permanent mark...

Get Out Of Trouble Free?!

Would you give your kid a pass to get out of trouble, at a time *they* choose? That thought really scares some parents, but let me tell you why it might be one of the best things you'll do for your child...

Awesome Kid Coupons Made For… *Real* Human Kids

Dan Pearce
I made this because... as parents, we often forget that the human experience we all go through isn't always the easiest thing for our kids to navigate any more than it is for us.

Why, Exactly, Do You Think I Would Want to Hug You After That?

There have been a few humans in my life who do the strangest, messed-up thing. Well, I think it's messed-up anyway...

The Woman Who Definitely Worked Me Good

She was the woman who I'm pretty sure was supposed to be the love of my life. I *had* to go say hi. I *had* to meet her, which I did. And then she worked me, and she worked me hard.

Alright, I Went and Had My Pity Party

Alright, friends. I went and had my pity party. It was a great success, but all good things must come to an end. But just look at all the fun we had while the party was going strong...

Sharing My Journey Is Not An Invitation to Diagnose Me

I really can't believe some of the things that have been said to me in the first few days that I've shared my mental health journey. No wonder there is still such a stigma...

Once Upon a Recent Time, I Was Actually a Romantic

I was always such a hopeless romantic. Take, for example, some of these things I did in the name of love. Lately, though, I can't find the motivation to do it, and I can't quite figure out how to get it back.

The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Parenting Tool

I have tools for everything in parenting, it seems. And when they all seem to fail, and I can't figure out why, there is one tool that still works every single time.

The Day I Burst Into Ugly Tears

The day I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder I learned that not only was there a serious stigma surrounding the mental illness, but I believed that stigma as much as anyone else...

More Than Ups & Downs: My Bipolar Disorder Reality

How does one with bipolar disorder explain what it actually is to those whose brains don’t perform even close to the same way that their brain does? I have no idea, but I’m going to try.

I wrote it. It happened. It’s time.

After sharing the last blog, I obviously can’t hide that I was triggered into somewhere pretty dark. It was embarrassing, but I think it was an important post for me to be able to start talking about something important.

What Else Can’t Go Right

I'm not even sorry for the unusually large quantity of f-bombs that I know are about to come. Today was just one of those last straw kind of days.

That Single Parent Guilt

There’s this very real phenomenon called single parent guilt. If you’re a single parent like me, I bet you know that guilt all too well. Tell me if you can relate...

The Woman On The Plane Who Wouldn’t Back Off

On my recent flight home, I somehow got seated next to a woman who simply would not let up no matter what I tried to get her to back off.

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