Awesome Kid Coupons Made For… *Real* Human Kids

A few years ago, I put together a homemade coupon book for my son that I could give him on Christmas. It was a year when money was really tight and I didn’t have much to blow on big or expensive gifts.

I spent weeks drawing fun illustrations and coming up with coupons my child could use any time he wanted to cash them in over the next year. To say he LOVED the finished project would be an understatement. The next year, when money was flowing a little better, I asked him what he wanted. His immediate response… “More coupons!”

It was just too fun a project with too good a result to not share it with any of you who could use awesome gift ideas for your kids that actually mean something but also won’t break the bank. I self-published them into an actual coupon/coloring book, which I called “Awesome Kid Coupons Made for Real Human Kids,” and I gotta say… It turned out AWESOME.

Dan Pearce

It’s a gift you’ll want to give and even better than that, it’s a gift that will instantly fill your children with excitement as they start daydreaming of all the ways they’ll be able to use the coupons to have a little extra control in their lives. And…Β that is actually the gift you will be giving them.Β That is why these coupon books are so powerfully wonderful.

Can we be honest about something?

As parents, we often forget that the human experience we all go through isn’t always the easiest thing for our kids to navigate any more than it is for us.

These coupons are an amazing way to not only let your children be amazingly human, but when your kids cash them in, they will also remind you (as a parent) that sometimes it’s okay to give a little and not make rules or routines that never have exceptions. This, in turn, will help your kids be more supportive of the rules and routines that you do have to make as the awesome parent that you are.

Anyways, enough talk. Check it out…

It includes most of the illustrations I made for Noah (with his blessing) as well as a few more made just for the book. It also includes some fun drawing challenges, instructions that your children have to color the coupons to be able to use them, and several other ways to personalize it before you stuff it in their stockings.

And that’s not all, folks. Yep. It gets better.

There are two versions of the book.

The first version has pre-filled coupons made for younger kids and pre-teens.

The second version is full of completely blank coupons. That means you can make coupons for whatever you like…

You can buy them on Amazon here:

Or…Β Even better…

You can buy them from my shop, here.

It’ll take a little longer to get to you, but here’s why you oughta go that route.

  1. I’ll make a few more bucks on the purchase. Thank you. Mahalo. Gracias.
  2. You will get to immediately download the PDF version for free (so that you can reprint any coupons you like)
  3. You can also choose a digital download only version for a lot less if you wanna just print your own.

I hope your kids love these “Awesome Kid Coupons” as much as Noah did. And I hope that they bring you both smiles as they color them and use them throughout the year.

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