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How to get shy friends out of their shells

Dear Dan: What’s the best way to get my shy friends to join in...

These are my personal tips and tricks for getting my shy friends to come out of their shells and enjoy the awesomeness of life with the rest of us.

Dear Dan: What Do You Feel Like You Discovered Before the Rest of the...

There are definitely a few things I think I discovered before the rest of the world jumped onboard with them. And my feelings are a bit mixed as to how happy I am about them.

Dear Dan: What Happened to the Daily Meme Collections? I miss them!

Lots of my followers have been asking the question "what happened to the daily meme collections?" Don't worry. They're still there if you know where to find them.

Dear Dan, Who Do You Admire Most in the Entire World Right Now?

When I sat down to write out my answer to this, I had no idea who I would write about. I was kind of surprised but not surprised at all by my answers.

Dear Dan: Do You Believe in an Afterlife?

Do I believe in an afterlife? This is certainly a loaded question, and I'll give the person who gave it mad props for making me squirm. These are my thoughts on the afterlife...

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