Dear Dan: What Happened to the Daily Meme Collections? I miss them!

    β€œDear Dan, what happened to the daily memes you used to share?! I miss them!”


    DAN’S ANSWER:Β The simple answer is that the meme posts are still there, being posted every day over on the My Favorite Daily Things website.

    If you’re not yet, be sure to follow the “Favorite Daily Things” Facebook page here.

    That’s the simple answer. Now for the more complex answer (in case your’e curious) as to why I stopped sharing memes on my Single Dad Laughing Facebook page.

    I originally grew this following based on my blog posts and writing. I shared, sometimes too much, my thoughts and life on an almost daily basis for many, many years.

    Eventually, I started doing what some other big social influencers started doing to try and combat changes in the Facebook algorithm: I started sharing memes on Facebook.

    And do you know what? It was a lot easier.

    It didn’t take much time at all to take my first much needed break from blogging.

    That break turned into doing other projects, which I supported by posting more memes.

    And eventually I just enjoyed not being in the public limelight. Memes paid better. They were shared more. And they became my go-to.

    I also grew to hate them. I’m not actually a meme guy. I’m an author and a writer. I’m an artist. I’m a content creator. After a couple years of memes, and as I struggle to figure out what I’m going to do next, I decided that I didn’t like having cheap content on my page and so…

    I cut the meme cord.

    My partner Christina, who had been helping me with all the meme posts since the beginning, had done such an incredible job that I made a deal with her that she could have the “Favorite Daily Things” page and I would take back over the SDL page.

    She still makes awesome meme posts, including daily memes and NSFW memes. I’d go follow for sure if you loved them.

    Here on SDL though, I’m only going to share memes that are original to me and I’m only going to share my own thoughts, moments, and ideas.

    Will it work? Will my followers care about my life anymore? I have no idea. But I’m doing this for me right now, not for everyone else.

    Life without authenticity isn’t a life I’m ever comfortable living for long.

    Single Dad Laughing 2.0 is here, for better or worse.

    Dan Pearce | Dan Pearce Was Here

    ~ Dan Pearce | Dan Pearce Was Here

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