The blog post I shared earlier tonight is one of the few posts I’ve ever written where I’m too embarrassed to even open the comments, so I admit that I haven’t and might not. That being said… I think it might be a good springboard to start being more real and honest with you all about my sometimes turbulent journey with bipolar disorder.

After sharing that post, I obviously can’t hide that I was triggered into somewhere pretty dark today, and I went there in a hurry. That’s a very real part of this disorder, and I think it’s time I stop trying to run and hide from it, and discuss it instead.

I have no idea if the comments on the post were good or bad. I have no idea if I lost half my following or gained new supporters. I just know that I wrote what I wrote, I shared it, this part of my life (when it springs up) is always so embarrassing, and now I need to be real about what goes wrong in my brain that I would do that at all. And being real is what I’m going to do. Thanks for understanding that it’s something I will need to do for my own journey. It’s just time.

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