These are all the live videos and live readings I have shared on Facebook.

Most recent videos:

Live Reading of “My House… My Rules…”

This was the live reading of my blog post "My House... My Rules... Iā€™m going to do whatever I want." It's the first rant-type post I've done as a live reading, so I had a little fun with it.

Time Lapse of My Abstract Art Body Painting

I finally got the time lapse video put together of my most recent body painting...

“The Phantom Odor” Live Reading

Today we continue with the live readings as I read my latest blog post to you, "The Phantom Odor."

Live Reading of “Shrinker Overthinker”

In this live video, I do a live reading of "Shrinker Overthinker" so that you can hear how it was written in my own voice.

Why I Body Paint

Today I did a body painting, and it reminded me how healing and powerful this art form can be. After it was over, I did a live video to talk about body painting and explain why I do it, and what it means to me.

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