A few years ago, I purchased a small leather chair (similar to this one on Amazon) with one purpose to it, and one purpose only…

It certainly wasn’t to sit on…

It wasn’t to look pretty in the corner…

It wasn’t to fill some empty space in a room that I was decorating…

The entire reason I bought it was for people who came over to sign their names on it with permanent marker. I wanted them to graffiti it. I wanted them to leave their lasting mark.

A few years in, and it’s already serving every purpose it was meant to serve.

I wanted a chair that anyone could sign their names, however they wanted, anywhere on the chair they wanted, and in whatever style they wanted.

The hope was that it would be the one piece of furniture that grows old with me, and that will bring a host of amazing memories anytime I look at it until the day I die.

I honestly haven’t even sat on it one time that sober me can remember.

I love it because it reminds me how many amazing humans have been part of my life.

I also love it because many of the signatures, in their own ways, tell some little story of their own.

Did someone really need to be seen or heard the day they signed it?

Did someone just want to disappear into the crowd?

Did some people want to be seen but not be recognized at all?

Did some people cheat and sign it twice for whatever reason they did? The answer to that is yes. But, why? What story does that tell?

I don’t know, but I will tell you that I love, love, love my signature chair. It’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever done to bring sentimental awesomeness into my own life.

Hopefully there are decades of signatures left to add to its leather.

Hopefully it gets absolutely coveredΒ with signatures on all sides.

Hopefully new people bring new signatures, which invoke all sorts of new memories.

Hopefully they set the chair out at my funeral and a few more signatures get added onto it to send me off into the great abyss.

If you’re ever a meaningful part of my life, you’ll have a place for your name on my chair. If you haven’t signed it yet, then hit me up and remind me how overdue we are to see each other.

And if you, my dear reader, have some weird idea that you want to copy my idea?! Well… By all means, please do.

Dan Pearce | Dan Pearce Was Here

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